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Closure Packs- 4th May – 22nd May

To access the latest work for your child please select their year group from below:

Reception (Mrs Howes & Mrs Horne)

Year 1 (Miss Holden & Miss Kemp)

Year 2 (Mrs Blaker & Miss Fern)

Year 3 (Miss O’Brien & Miss Sutton)

Year 4 (Mrs Young & Mrs Bennett)

Year 5 (Mrs Fouracre & Miss Hill)

Year 6 (Mr Jenkins & Miss Rowe)

Rainbow Group (Mrs Thorp)

Resources to support study skills

Useful websites for parents

A list of websites to support you in your home learning including activities, videos and projects.



Coronavirus Information and Announcements

Announcements, information and letters related to coronavirus, and support for families during the school closure.