School Council

The School Council is a very important part of our school and is made up of an elected pupil from each class. Through the School Council pupils learn about the process of democratically electing a representative by using a fair voting system. They also learn that democracy isn’t a perfect system and you don’t always get the representative you voted for!

In September each year, a new council is elected and prospective candidates campaign by writing and delivering a speech to their class. The class then takes part in a secret ballot and the winner is duly elected. Elections are very competitive and many children put themselves forward for election.

Elected candidates understand that they are representing all the children in their class so must put everyone’s views and ideas forward at council meetings. Council meetings are led by the Headteacher, Mr T Hull or a senior member of staff.

The School Council is effective in collecting pupil voice relating to many different issues and areas such as playtime equipment, school rules, clubs and trips. Pupil voice is then taken into account alongside other views when making important decisions and improvements to the school.

School Council provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn about leadership and the responsibility that goes along with it.