We expect all of our pupils to complete appropriate activities in order to consolidate their learning at school and so that they can take their individual interests further. We ask parents to ensure that homework is completed.

Homework takes various forms and covers different areas of the curriculum


All children are expected to read each night, preferably to a parent or older sibling. As the children progress through school, they should work towards recording their own progress in their reading diary.


Spellings are taught in class and children are expected to consolidate their learning at home.


Children are expected to learn their times tables so that they can recall them quickly and accurately. Teachers will set times tables according to year group and ability. Pupils can practise their knowledge of tables and their speed of response through Times Table Rock Stars. All children have a log-in so that they can access the website from home.

Curriculum Homework

Children are presented with a challenge grid enabling them to choose one homework activity each week. The home-works are related to their current learning across the curriculum. Children enjoy having a choice of activities and opportunities to present their learning in different and creative ways.

One-off Home-works

Sometimes home-works can be related to a special event or theme such as Safer-Internet Week, World Book Day, Anti-Bullying Week etc. Home-works may link to special assemblies, end of term celebrations or local and national competitions.

Children receive more homework as they move through school. By year 6, pupils aresupported to be able to study independently for longer periods. They are also sometimes asked to complete homework or ‘revision’ through the holidays. This enables our pupils to be ready to transition smoothly to secondary school where homework expectations can often be high.