School Uniform

It is the expectation of the school that all pupils wear school uniform. This helps to promote a positive identity, supports discipline, set standards and prevents pupils from wearing unsafe or unsuitable ‘fashion clothes’ which are often costlier.

Girls’ Uniform

Grey trousers/skirt (shorts in summer if preferred or red and white checked dress)

White polo shirt

Red sweatshirt/cardigan

Black shoes

Boys’ Uniform

Grey trousers (shorts in summer if preferred)

White polo shirt

Red sweatshirt 

Black shoes

PE kit

Plain black shorts (black jogging bottoms or leggings for winter)

Plain red t-shirt

Black pumps or black trainers


Children in reception will need wellies, raincoats, gloves, hats, scarves etc. for playing outdoors in all weathers

Please make sure that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name.

In the interests of health and safety, jewellery is not permitted except in the case of a wrist watch and simple studs for pierced ears.

Died hair and extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

We ask parents to support the school in encouraging their children to wear school colours and take a pride in their appearance.

Purchasing Uniform

You can buy the majority of the uniform and PE kits from all the usual supermarkets.

Below are the links of places to buy the sweatshirt/cardigan with the school logo.


Kids Essentials

762, Bristol Road South

Northfield  B31 2NN

Tel:  0121 477 0736



Myclothing gives 5% of the purchase price to school.