Spanish at Northfield Manor Primary Academy
Spanish lessons are taught in years 3-6 and follow the “La Jolie Ronde” Spanish scheme of work. Our pupils are taught Spanish in a variety of fun and engaging ways, including through songs, dance, role play, stories and rhyme.

Children become familiar with the spoken and written form of Spanish and learn to replicate it by learning spelling rules, using grammar correctly in order to indicate past, present and future tense and by learning to correctly pronounce common words and phrases.

Pupils have a termly learning challenge which is designed to be purposeful, engaging and motivating. Each year group is provided with three challenges a year, which cover the celebrationsof Christmas, New Year, Easter and Summer as well as topics such as colour, weather, customs and traditions, travel, hobbies and family.

Our MFL programme will provide our pupils with the skills and experience they will need to begin their MFL studies at secondary school, as well as provide them with an enthusiasm for learning a foreign language.