Modern Foreign Languages

The aims of the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) programme at Northfield Manor Primary Academy is to ensure that pupils begin secondary school keen to deepen their knowledge of Spanish and prepared to learn other languages. We want our pupils to be curious to explore other languages and cultures and to appreciate the benefits that language learning has for individuals and society. Above all we want to give our pupils a love of language learning that will bring opportunities for greater personal development as well as wider cultural, educational and employment opportunities in the future.

At Northfield Manor we use the Language Angels scheme of work in order to ensure appropriate content and progression.

 Skills are developed in 4 key areas – speaking, listening, reading and writing. As a means to spark curiosity, develop enjoyment and confidence and support transition to Key Stage 2, pupils have an introduction to some simple Spanish vocabulary towards the end of Year 2.  In Year 3, pupils build on their knowledge, developing core vocabulary relating to topics such as colour, number and days of the week. Throughout Key Stage 2, pupils build their vocabulary, understanding of grammar and ability to speak and write with fluency and accuracy. By Year 6 pupils are taught more complex grammar such as regular and irregular verbs so that they have a good grounding for the next stage of their learning.

Teachers use a variety of techniques including games, songs, stories and rhymes which help pupils to remember new vocabulary and language constructions.