We aim to deliver a high-quality history education which helps pupils to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the past. History enables children to understand the process of change, to explore the diversity of societies and to uncover influential people who have been integral to our historical journey. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity, to equip pupils to ask perceptive questions and to develop children’s critical thinking skills.

Why have we chosen the topics that we have?

The topics have been selected so that the children in our school have a clear, comprehensive and chronological understanding of history. We use key historical concepts we call the ‘big ideas’ to help children make links across time periods: Leaders, Politics, Conflict, Society and Advances. This will give greater depth to teaching and learning, enabling each topic to build upon the previous one so that children can think deeply about each of these ‘big idea’ strands.

Cross-curricular links are made to art, RE, PSHE and the English curriculum to deepen understanding and give children the opportunity to apply historical knowledge in a range of contexts. Every year group has history-based thematic units that last for at least a half-term. They also learn about historical figures and events through other curriculum areas. For curriculum coverage, please see the thematic curriculum overview.

Year 1 = Born and Bred – Local Area
Year 2 = The Great Fire of London, Famous Faces
Year 3 = The Stone Age to Iron Age & The Egyptians
Year 4 = The Greeks & The Romans
Year 5 = Saxons and Vikings & The Islamic Golden Age
Year 6 = World War II & Brilliant Brum – Local Area

Why are we teaching it in the order that we are?

In Key Stage 1, the foundations are set for future learning and key concepts which underpin the history curriculum are introduced. In Key Stage 2, topics are structured chronologically so that new learning can be built upon prior understanding. This will enable children to have a clear overview in their minds of our history and they will be ready for the learning that will take place in Key Stage 3. It provides a coherent, chronological narrative from the earliest times to the present day. History is a truly fascinating subject.