School opening information September 2020

Parent checklist for September 2020


I know what to you do if I suspect my child may have COVID19.  1st September -Information on suspected Covid-19 cases and covid 19 testing

I have read the September 1st and 3rd letters regarding school reopening. 1st September- Important information 3rd September –  Information for Monday 7th September

I have read the attendance letter displayed on the website. 4th September – Whole school attendance letter

I have read the letter regarding changes to school meals. 2nd September- School meals

I know what time to drop my child off and collect from school along with their allocated entrance and exit. (Times across the school have been staggered in light of COVID19 to ensure social distancing).

I understand my responsibilities in ensuring that my child’s medication is in date and brought to school on Monday 7th September.

I know which day my child has PE and understand that they should attend school in their PE kit on that day.

I know that my child does not need to bring their own stationary as they will be provided with their own pack in school.

My child has a labelled water bottle to be brought into school.

My child has a labelled lunch box if they are bringing one from home.

I have read the guidance for breakfast club and after school club if applicable.

All of my child’s clothing and property is clearly labelled.

All of my contact details are up to date and the school office is aware of any changes.

I have confirmed with school who will be collecting my child. (If this has changed since last year- please phone the school office to confirm).

I have signed up to my child’s new class dojo page (letters to sign up will be sent out on Monday).

I understand that I will not be able to have conversations with my child’s class teacher on the door in the morning or end of day- all questions or queries, please contact your child’s teacher via dojo or phone the school office.



Key Letters  September 2020

5th October – remote learning and devices.

28th September – DfE updated letter

25th September – Cold symptoms and Covid 19

22nd September  -parent feedback

22nd September – BCC letter to parents

22nd September –Parents Evening October 2020

15th September  -Covid-19 quick guide for parents part 1

15th September – Covid -19 quick guide for parents part 2

1st September- Important information 

1st September -Information on suspected Covid-19 cases and covid 19 testing

3rd September –  Information for Monday 7th September

4th September- Reception Induction

4th September- Wrap around care

4th September – Whole school attendance letter


2nd September- School meals

Please see links below for temporary menu

pick and mix menu

Week 1 menu

Week 2 menu

Week 3 menu

Coronavirus support

s (COVID-19) testing kits.

If your child has any symptoms you can book a test by

calling 119 or visit:

Covid -19 pupil risk assessment

Keeping Safe Online At Home- A safeguarding hub that allows pupils’ parents to access interactive guidance on setting up parental controls on their child’s devices, as well as guidance on apps like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and more.

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Coronavirus NHS Updates


Coronavirus NHS Support


Local Government – Birmingham City Council


National Government


Department for Education